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The Sion Festival 2018 invites you to the cabaret!

According to the Trésor de la Langue Française, a cabaret is an “establishment where spectacles are held and where one can sometimes eat, drink or dance”. Indeed, it is here that Charlot first made his voice heard to the whole world, where Marlene Dietrich met and became the downfall of an old moustached teacher in a smoky room under the sign of the Blue Angel, and where, in the most sophisticated of establishments, Rita Hayworth also sung while removing her gloves (Put the blame on mame, boys).

Literature and, above all, cinema have made the cabaret an emblematic space. These portrayals have nourished our imagination, enriching the dry definition of the dictionary with a whole panoply of images with several overlapping features: the idea of a vaguely dodgy environment which becomes a place of intense and lively theatre exalting the pleasures of the senses, and where a tumultuous and subversive blend of learned and popular cultures takes place; the idea, too, of a certain spirit of reinvention, of a wild taste for freedom and poetry, and of an entertainment space often revealed to be the hidden birthplace of the passions and future movements of those who haunt it, for better and for worse…

This summer, the Sion Festival will take place in the spirit of Cabaret. Subversion, sensuality, comedy, poetry, a mix of genres will be on show throughout the three weeks of festivity. There will be something for all tastes: Philharmonic cabaret, with the impressive Philharmonix, who skillfully adapt their solid classical technique and their wide knowledge of repertoire to the whims of their fertile imagination; gypsy cabaret with the Roby Lakatos Ensemble and its exuberant, unpredictable virtuoso violins; and the Jewish cabaret of the Jerusalem Quartet, accompanied by the soprano Hilla Baggio, who will celebrate the poignant “laughter in tears” specific to Jewish culture. The Italian singer Vincenzo Capezzuto will take his voice through time and style, from Monteverdi to Mina; Gidon Kremer will take his violin into the world of the circus…

As you can see, this summer everything will be possible. While waiting for festival, why not (re)listen to the latest record of the talented Philharmonix? It might help the spring come faster.

Original French text written by Marie Favre.

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