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The cultural world is changing rapidly; in the musical field, easier access to increasingly well-documented databases or download platforms makes it possible to switch from one style to another with a simple click, to enjoy the most diverse sound experiences, to consult many scores and to access archive treasures; As a result of these possibilities, many of the former executives are being pushed and previously unquestionable gains are being challenged; moreover, old patterns of music “consumption” are crumbling – subscription concerts are running out of steam, the record market is in crisis – new habits are emerging, and everything is accelerating. The times are bubbling – and rich! Faced with these transformations, how does the world of classical music position itself? How, above all, do educational institutions (academies, conservatories) orient their teaching in this context?  To discuss these and many other questions, the Sion Festival is pleased to welcome the leaders of three of the most important violin academies in French-speaking Europe (Villecroze, Reine Elisabeth, Tibor Varga) for a round table that promises to be exciting. Anne Postel-Vinay, Bernard De Launoit and Aurélien D’Andrès will share their concerns, confront the public’s questions, and discuss what makes up their daily lives: the violin, its repertoire, its teaching, its networks – and, of course, its place in the current world and its future.


The discussion will be followed by a concert of students from the three academies represented.

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  • Anne Postel-Vinay Présidente de l'Académie de musique de Villecroze
  • Bernard De Launoit Président de la Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth
  • Aurélien D'Andrès Directeur de l'Académie de Musique Tibor Varga
  • Étudiants des 3 Académies