Closing Party

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“Corriam tutti a festiggiar” – let’s all run and feast. It is with this imperative command that the Marriage of Figaro ends.


At the end of three weeks of music, let’s make these words our own. Yes, we too will run and feast! In the theatre, everything will be ready. On the menu? Violin, of course, but completely free, full of improvisation and fantasy. The program? We will not reveal it to you as then it would no longer be a surprise, but this 2018 edition of the Sion Festival, with its convivial theme of cabaret, will surely find the right notes to adeptly conclude this summer festival of music and friendship.


Whether you have attended one or two of our concerts, or have attended all the events with fervor, we warmly invite you to join us for this closing party, which promises to be, as always, bright and brilliant!


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