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Great occasions are always lived in music, and one would not conceive of an official event depriving oneself of its services; music is everywhere. It enhances the triumphs of political life with its brilliance, welcoming the elected representatives with sound bands; it underlines the highlights of the calendars, accompanying national holidays and commemorating all kinds of its solemn agreements; it is she, too, who salutes the performances of athletes from all countries, who are awarded medals to the sound of hymns; it is she, always, who gives depth and elevation to the ceremonies of the most diverse religions, and who surrounds the deceased with her comforting sweetness, in the days of farewell. Linked to the joys and pains of public life, music also creeps into the intimacy of our personal lives; there again, not a birthday, not a wedding, not a festive encounter that is not marked by its presence; it leads the voices into the exultation of shared songs, and the bodies into the joy of dancing.


Today, we want to return the favor to this lifelong friend, and in turn celebrate her. No official celebration is the pretext for this crazy day; it will simply be, without rhyme or reason, to show our amazement, our joy – our gratitude? – to music and musicians. In the streets, in the squares, about ten free concerts will make the city resonate, for the sole pleasure of putting music in the centre for a few hours. She’s waiting for you, she’s celebrating. Come in large numbers!



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  • Conservatoire Cantonal
  • Schubertiade Sion