The Colors of Invention

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There will be sound colours – and beautiful ones! To close these three weeks of music and encounters in style, the Sion Festival offers you a sparkling morning, in the joy of shared friendship and the sweetness of life. Colours of invention, invention of colour, it is at a moment of pure auditory happiness that Gilles Apap will invite us. His quartet, indeed, is deliciously unusual, and this unusual instrumentarium features full-bodied, powerfully characteristic timbres: a virtuoso and rather flamboyant violin, a double bass that swings willingly, a warm and melancholic accordion, a sparkling cymbalum. The programme will be festive and eclectic, and will include works from the classical repertoire to jazz standards, folk and traditional music; because Apap and its musicians love the dazzling improvisation, have a taste for ornamentation, the art of cadence. So it looks intense – and sunny.


The memories of the 2019 edition have been gathered; but already, the promises of 2020 are palpable.

The Festival is dead, long live the Festival!



Artistes Artists Künstler

Artiste vedette Principal artist Vorgestellter künstler

Participants Participants Teilnehmer

  • Myriam Lafargue Accordéon
  • Philippe Noharet Contrebasse
  • Ferme-Asile Kovac Cymbalum