Janine Jansen - Daniel Blendulf - Sion Festival & HEMU Orchestra

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Of Modesty


Mozart loved the viola. He played it very well and, it is said, infinitely appreciated its ample and warm sound; in his quartets, he considerably developed the role of this hitherto secondary instrument; and, with his sinfonia concertante, he even made it – at last – the equal of the violin. A hybrid work, halfway between a symphony and a concerto, this piece is a true jewel of the Mozart repertoire. The orchestral textures are dense – no doubt informed by the advances of the Mannheim school, which Mozart had attended – and the solo parts of great melodic richness, the whole remaining profoundly coherent, tinged with a modest lyricism.
This lyricism, this modesty, we will find it – albeit in a different way – in Beethoven’s seventh symphony. Composed between 1811 and 1812, this monument of the symphonic repertoire, in four movements, revolves around the allegretto, considered to be one of the high points of Beethoven’s writing in this central phase of his creative life.


The program will be completed by a creation by Richard Dubugnon – one of the leading composers in the contemporary musical landscape – for the Sion Festival. The evening promises to be a joyful and varied evening.




Janine Jansen violin, Daniel Blendulf, violoncelle & direction,  Sion Festival Orchestra & of the HEMU, Svetlana Makarova, violin, Timothy Ridout, alto.
Works from L. van Beethoven, W.-A. Mozart. Creation of R. Dubugnon.

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