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Of the invention


Who was Miss Jeunehomme? This enigma that fascinated Mozart fans for such a long time seems to have found an explanation in 2006, thanks to the musicologist Michael Lorenz. The French pianist, dedicatee of Mozart’s Ninth Piano Concerto, and whose true identity had remained unknown until then, would have been Louise Victoire Jenamy, daughter of Jean-Georges Noverre, a dancer and choreographer friend of the composer. The veil is therefore lifted. It is a victory for science, which is always encouraging – but one less mystery, which is a little sad. Fortunately, the music remains – far above these scholarly considerations. For this Ninth Piano Concerto, composed in Salzburg in 1777, is one of Mozart’s first adult masterpieces. And, from beginning to end, a marvel of invention. Alfred Einstein, whose analyses are often so clear- sighted, goes so far as to consider certain passages as pre-Beethoven in character…


Echoing this thought, the performers of this astonishing evening, moving from orchestra to chamber recital, have chosen to honour, after Mozart, Beethoven. The Kreutzer Sonata by the Bonn composer completes this rich program. Composed between 1802 and 1803, it is the longest and (for the violinist at least) the most difficult of the ten sonatas for violin and piano composed by Beethoven. Dedicated to the French violinist Rodolphe Kreutzer, it derives its nickname from this famous dedication – which is not without its irony, given that the violinist in question refused to perform the sonata during his career, as it was too difficult and, according to him, “unintelligible to the ears of the public”. All in all, therefore, it is an avant-garde concert that Kolja Blacher, Sergei Babayan and Sergei Krylov are inviting you to attend tonight.


You are welcome to join us!


Kolja Blacher, violin, Sergei Babayan, piano, Sergei Krylov, direction
Chamber Orchestra of Lithuania
Works of  L. van Beethoven and W.-A. Mozart.

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Théâtre de Valère
rue du Vieux Collège 22
1950 Sion

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