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Apap, 'Mozart on vacation'

Description Description Beschreibung

A real violin festival: this is the programme of this concert. Indeed, the evening will feature, with delight, some of the most emblematic pieces of the violin repertoire, and the voice of the instrument will be the link that unites the scattered elements of this beautiful anthology over the centuries and styles. At the top of the hierarchy of violin masterpieces, Bach’s chaconne is – of course – at the top of the hierarchy. Its poignant depth will be followed by more sunny music, that of Kreisler and Mozart.  The prelude and allegro “in the style of Pugnani” radiate the fingertip pleasure of instrumental playing; they are the very embodiment of violinist music, gushed out under the fingers of one of the greatest soloists of his time, whose primary ambition, to make the instrument sound, never failed to succeed, with charm and panache.


Charm and panache, these could be the final words, under Mozart’s aegis. As for the charm, we will indeed hear the adagio KV 261, composed by Mozart in 1776, as an alternative slow movement to his fifth concerto. Tailor-made for violinist Antonio Brunetti, the music is silky and radiant. For the panache, nothing beats the rondo of this same concerto, a rondo which, if it begins like an elegant minuet, suddenly turns into the “Turkish” surge promised by the title – a transition with powerful comic effects! To this already immensely theatrical music, Gilles Apap adds a very personal cadenza, which gives his title to this crazy evening: “Mozart on holiday”.

Programme Program Programm

Chaconne  /  J.S. Bach

Prélude & Allegro  -  (dans le style de G. Pugnani)  /  R. Kreisler

Adagio en mi majeur K.261  /  W.A. Mozart

Concerto pour violon n°5  -  3e mvt, Rondo alla turca (avec une cadence de G. Apap)  /  W.A. Mozart

Artistes Artists Künstler

Lieu du concert Concert location Konzertort

Promenade des Pêcheurs 10
1950 Sion

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