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Soqquadro Italiano & Vincenzo Capezzuto

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From Monteverdi to Mina


In French it is said that the exception confirms the rule. A very serious academy ensures the preservation of many linguistic treasures whose precise clarity is the pride of purists. In Italian, it is not the same, there is no academy. There are many dialects each with a different style, and even in the official language there are lists of exceptions so long that one sometimes comes to doubt the existence of any rule. An “organized disorder” – that’s what Vincenzo Capezzuto calls Italy. Yet, this unruly ’lingua materna’ is the central theme of this recital, uniting the apparent incongruous items of the program.


Indeed, why combine Monteverdi with Mina? There is nothing seemingly common between these two composers separated by more than 300 years. And yet, the improbable juxtaposition of the father of Italian opera and the great popular voice of the sixties is rewarding. There is an obvious kinship between the two: the same way of exploiting language and the same phrasing. In both, the Italian language resonates – describing the objects of the world and the movements of the heart with a tender musicality. From Monteverdi to Mina, the conclusion is the same – love: Si dolce è il tormento…


A presentation entitled – “Singing in Italian” will be given by Marie Favre, musicologist, before the concert at 19h00.

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Théâtre de Valère
rue du Vieux Collège 22
1950 Sion

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