Tibor Varga 2021 - 2nd round results

The candidates of the 2021 edition of the Tibor Varga International Violin Competition have given us a magnificent second round.

Big congratulations to the three young violinists who have reached the final:

  • Lorenz Karls, 20 years old, Swedish
  • Tassilo Probst, 19 years old, German
  • Maria Ioudenitch, 25 years old, American

In view of the incredible level of this year’s competition, we wanted to give the jury the possibility of awarding some “4th prizes”.

Congratulations also to the three “4th prize winners”:

  • Ava Bahari, 24 years old, Swedish
  • Seira Horiuchi, 25 years old, Japanese
  • Arthur Traelnes, 18 years old, Swiss
We thank all our young musicians for their participation and the excellence of their performances. See you on Thursday 2 and Saturday 4 September for the two final evenings!