Anne Girouard & Ensemble Agora

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(Fortunately we do not die of love)


First published in the pages of l’Évènement, a daily newspaper, ‘L’Arlésienne‘, a very short story by Alphonse Daudet, was included in the collection Lettres de mon Moulin in 1869. The author – visibly inspired by this painful subject – quickly drew from his short story the material for a play; more developed than the narrative version, the latter was created in 1872 in Paris, at the Théâtre du Vaudeville, with stage music by Georges Bizet.

The story is simple and tragic: Jan, a young Provençal peasant, has fallen madly in love with a woman he met at the Arles bullring. He convinces the beautiful Arlesian woman to marry him, but on the evening of the engagement, a mysterious man announces himself and shows Jan’s father letters proving his own affair with the bride. Then there is nothing but pain on the farm.

The Ensemble Agora offers a chamber music transcription of Bizet’s famous score, by the group’s harpist, Sophie Bellanger. The text by Daudet has been adapted by Sébastien Davis and Anne Girouard. The latter will play the various actors in this sunny drama which, in its peasant simplicity, shines with the dull and irrevocable light of ancient tragedy.

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Promenade des Pêcheurs 10
1950 Sion

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