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Classic & popular brazil

Description Description Beschreibung

We say “Brazil” and, immediately, the images jostle. Those of colourful photographs, in front of travel agencies, that make you dream of a country of laughter and music, where everything is a celebration: bright bodies, radiant faces, carnival, samba. News and documentaries, too, which are not cheerful and only evoke political tossing and turning, urban violence and shantytowns, in a uniformly grey and dirty setting, despite the sun. Of course, the reality is, of course, more complex. But that doesn’t stop it! The country seems violently oxymoronic; you can never be sure of anything; there are dancers, tourists and beggars – all strangely placed under the benevolent gaze of Christ the Redeemer, whose open arms gather and kiss far and wide.


To the questions produced by this series of clichés, music provides an answer. She offers some of her truth. Antonio Meneses, a great Brazilian cellist, knows the repertoire of his vast country and loves it. To break common ground, he explores scholarly music from the Americas as well as popular genres. In his program, we will discover works by great Brazilian composers – a tribute to Villa-Lobos! – but also some pearls from bossa nova, as well as from the new jazz scene. Through the variety of genres covered, the musicians will sketch out a very broad panorama; because Brazil is rich – artistically. Thus, if we find our powerful oxymores – carnival joy of sambas, supreme tears of some songs of lamentation – the music will reveal itself more subtle in its nuances and will draw, in hollow, an unexpected portrait of today’s Brazil.

Programme Program Programm

Oeuvres de  /  J. Bosco & A. Blanc

 /  H. Villa-Lobos

 /  A.C. Jobim

 /  A.V. Correa

 /  Guinga

 /  A. Mehmari

Lieu du concert Concert location Konzertort

Promenade des Pêcheurs 10
1950 Sion

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