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Gidon Kremer plays Weinberg

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A hundred years ago, in Warsaw, Mieczyslaw Weinberg was born, whose painful fate alone could sum up the suffering of the century. From the violence endured by the East European Jewish community, in fact, he knew everything. In Poland, first of all, facing the ghetto, the war, and the brutal death of all its people. In Russia, then, where he will continue his inexorable way of the cross, suffering the bullying of the communist government, the injustice of rigged trials and prison.


However, despite the vagaries of a contrary fate, Weinberg has constantly opposed the unalterable and saving freedom of the creative act to the relentless pursuit of destructive forces. Thus, his protean work could present itself as a vast underground resistance enterprise. Stylistically, we perceive the disorder of a fragmented existence, through a consummate art of fragmentation and “collage”. We also hear the same use of popular tunes as in Shostakovich, the same incisive precision in phrasing, the same dramatic breath – although Warsaw is more fundamentally lyrical and less grating than his Moscow colleague.


To commemorate the centenary of the birth of this immense figure, Gidon Kremer proposes to give people to hear his music and contemplate his destiny, which in many ways is tragically linked to our most burning news. “Chronicle of Present Events” will thus bring together Weinberg’s notes and the images of a circle of contemporary Russian artists, close to the filmmaker Kirill Serebrennikov.

Programme Program Programm

Anti-Formalist Rayok  /  Dmitri Shostakovich


Chronicle of Current Events  /  Mieczysław Weinberg

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Lieu du concert Concert location Konzertort

Promenade des Pêcheurs 10
1950 Sion

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