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Igudesman & Joo

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In 2020, the entire musical world celebrated the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. In their own way, Igudesman & Joo have decided to pay their tribute to the master of Bonn, and to honour his august memory. On the program: excerpts from sonatas for violin and piano, a violin concerto, and an unpublished transcription of the famous For Elise. But above all, answers to some burning, not to say existential, questions that musicology has not yet managed to answer, despite decades of Beethovenian studies and considerable effort:

Why did the author of the Ode to Joy enjoy sprinkle his interior (and his guests) with soup? Why did he plunge his head into ice-cold water every day? And was his favourite fruit really the anana-naaaas? If you don’t know either, or – worse – if you don’t even understand the profound relevance of these questions, come urgently: Professors Igudesman & Joo are waiting for you!

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Lieu du concert Concert location Konzertort

Promenade des Pêcheurs 10
1950 Sion

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