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The Ministrings Ensemble

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The golden bite of nomadic music, sung by Anne Sylvestre, is the one that pierces the young musicians of the Ministrings orchestra, founded in 2002 as part of the Lausanne Conservatory by Tina Strinning. But this wound is a wound of love. And, to tell the truth, what could be more beautiful than this luminous confrontation, from childhood, with the demands of orchestral practice, and with the treasure of a living repertoire, extended to the scale of the world?

From the age of 7, children can join the ranks of the ensemble, and thus benefit from a double training: artistic, on the one hand, in contact with experienced teachers, great soloists, but also and above all the difficulties imposed by collective play; humanistic on the other, because this same practice necessarily implies a reflection on one’s place in a group, and listening to the other. A true school of life, this singular orchestra has, since its creation, enabled several generations of children and young adolescents to find their voice and integrate it, with gentleness or panache, into the singing of the world. “The Ministrings transmit, through their presence and their so-called “musical voyage”, an exciting energy that leaves no one on the quay! ” says their web page. So welcome to this concert, which will delight you, whether you’re young or older…

Tina Strinning & Baiju Bhatt, artistic direction
An energetic and sparkling concert for the whole family!
Selected works on the theme of ‘journey music’.

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Promenade des Pêcheurs 10
1950 Sion

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