The celebration of the voice....

The celebration of the voice….

“The voice,” some ancient thinkers have written, “is the material of the word. And probably there is no material more elusive, but, therefore, more moving. In his beautiful book, “voix off”, the actor Denis Podalydès tries to put this strange material into words that would define it. A vain but touching attempt: the voices of actors, singers, friends, relatives, the dead – what he hears is amazing. In some voices, horses pass by, in others, gales of wind, fins of fish, the sun or shadows. Sensitive to this fairy tale, since its inception, the Sion Festival has often associated the magic of singing with the violin. This year, several concerts will feature singers, choir members – or narrators.

A small anthology of these concerts where, if we hear the sublime notes of great composers, we will also touch with our fingers this moving mystery: the resonance of the human voice. From every angle!

The choir. On Sunday, August 18, at 5pm, Sion Cathedral will feature the combined voices of young and old singers, the Oberwalliser Vokalensemble, the Singschule Cantiamo Brig and the Farnham Youth Choir – as well as a beautiful array of soloists! On the program, the Magnificat by Johann Sebastian Bach, and the Mass of the Children by John Rutter. The transparency of the children’s voices and the density of the adult choir will together sing of the radiant joy of being in the world and its relationship to transcendence. You can’t attend the concert on the 18th? Never mind: this luminous program will be given the day before at Brig’s Collegiumskirche (7pm).

The jazz singer. On Sunday, August 25, at 5 p.m., it is the supple, recognizable voice of Maria Joao, who will build a bridge over the Atlantic beyond the walls of the Ferme-Asile. This voice will be that of sensuality, of expressiveness, which from its fragile material will give rise to a varied discourse. Surrounded by pianist André Mehmari, clarinettist Gabriele Mirabassi and cellist Antonio Meneses, the singer will lead us to discover this country so rich, so vast, as big as a continent, or almost. Brazil…

The singer. Finally, on Wednesday, August 28, at 8 p.m., Ferme-Asile will become an Italian theatre. The spectacular voice of soprano Julia Lezhneva will let a real fireworks display of intricate vocalizations, fruits of the passion for the theatre of a handful of late Baroque composers. A vector of emotion, in its purest state, we will hear love, sorrow – and fury – resonate there!



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We look forward to seeing you this summer!

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