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« Festive Music » day: Viva Italia!

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« Festive Music » day: Viva Italia!

Roma, Amor. The palindrome is well known and readily justifies the popular association of Italy with love: a country whose capital bears such a name can only be favourable to Cupid’s emulators. There, the cliché goes, people love and desire each other, and the world is devoured with a mixture of violence and lightness. Life has the taste of happiness.

Of course, there are objective elements that have helped to support this theory: Stendhal affirms it, Giono believes it. How can we doubt it? Especially since Botticelli’s faces, Michelangelo’s statues, Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren are added to these guarantees…

And then there is the music. Where the shadow sometimes passes. Luigi Tenco’s voice singing mi sono innamorato di te; Fabrizio De Andrè’s voice crying for Marinella and her moon coat; Mina’s voice. San Remo in black and white.

Not to mention Nino Rota and his scores for Fellini; the death of Violetta, which Verdi makes so intimate for us; that of Mimi, which Puccini makes so familiar to us; the shadow of Callas among the gilding of La Scala. And Neapolitan songs, Sardinian polyphony, Sicilian processions, and the richness of the contemporary scene.

This year, the traditional “Festive Music” day will feature our illustrious transalpine neighbours. A whole variety of sounds will be on offer throughout the city. About ten free concerts will illuminate the streets of Sion and will allow a large audience to breathe a little sea air.

Attention Italophiles, music lovers… and lovers!

Program :

07:00 : Valéik. Eglise des Jésuites

08:15 : String Trios by HEMU students. Works from Borodin, Tchaïkovsky, Weinberg. Cour Platea (Jésuites)

09:30 : Duo Narciso Saùl, guitar & Gaëlle Poirier, accordion. Works from Astor Piazzolla. Galerie de la Treille

10:45 : Black Milonga Fernet Club, Home du Glacier

12:00 : Clarinet Ensemble. Grenette

13:15 : Quintet Fronda : South Italy and Mediterranean region’s works arrangements. Jardin de la préfecture

Italian picnic : 25.- CHF per person

14:45 : Campus Musicus. Behind the cathedral

16:00 : Xavier Rebut, singing et Davide Ambrogio, singing & instruments : Traditional South Italy’s pieces. Salle des Pas Perdus du Grand Conseil

17:15 : Tribute to Stéphane Chapuis : Conservatoire Cantonal accordion’s class. Place du théâtre de Valère

19:00 : Michel Godard: bass serpent, Anita Piscazzi: poetry-voice, Eléonore Giroud, violin : « Il nostro deserto non ha limite ». Place du théâtre de Valère

Lieu du concert Concert location Konzertort

Vieille ville de Sion
vieille ville
1950 sion

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