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Puppets Theater Gabriadze

Description Description Beschreibung

Two performances* at 16:00 and 20:00 at the Petithéâtre

18:00 “Rezo” Play at Cinesion – Salle LUX

17:30 Interview with the film director, Levan Gabriadze

*This performance contains vocabulary that may not be suitable for younger children.


Puppet: “A small figure of a man, moved by wires, springs, or even by hand. »

The art of puppetry is a matter for enchantment. The curtain rises and suddenly, in front of the eyes of children which believed to be extinguished, the stone, wood or fabric become manifestations of human presence. The puppeteer presides over the miracles and controls the appearance his personal science. Thus, there is something wonderful about the characters of Rezo Gabriadze; they don’t quite walk, but slide, lightly, and music accompanies them everywhere – signalling their enchantment as well as their humanity. This music, omnipresent in this infinitely poetic theatre, is considered with the same love, whether it was born from the pen of the greatest – Gyia Kancheli! – or stemming from the popular tradition, so rich in Georgia!

Rezo and his puppets teach us not to make a distinction between popular and learned music, but to always look for true and sincere emotion; they entreat us to look beyond appearances, finding the human behind what does not resemble him – but also revealing in every man his part of dream, made of ink, music and rags. They teach us to live like musicians, to be enchanted by people and things, and to pay attention to what we see and hear. Through these”little figures of men”, it is our silhouettes that we find, as in an enchanted mirror.

Let us open, with delight, our eyes and ears!

Rezo & Levan Gabriadze, artistic direction


About the play “Rezo” (from 12 years old)

This is a story about Boria Gadai, a small bird with a big heart. It takes place in Kutaisi, Georgia, after the end of World War II. When Varlam, the organ-grinder dies, Boria is the only one left to take care of the old grandmother Domna. Unwittingly, Boria becomes a thief, falls in love with beautiful Ninel and undertakes many dangerous and exciting adventures. This is a story of a journey through dreams, despair, anger and joy. It is an enchanting mixture of masterful puppetry, Georgian folk songs, dance and memories dear to the author’s heart.


Programme Program Programm

The Autumn of my Springtime  /  Rezo & Levan Gabriadze

"Rezo"  -  Movie  /  Levan Gabriadze

Artistes Artists Künstler

Lieu du concert Concert location Konzertort

Petithéâtre de Sion
rue du Vieux-Collège 9
1950 Sion

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